We live in a world where you only have one opportunity to make a good impression. Your computer system is your source “to all things important” – it’s the lifeblood of your company, and keeping it operational is a must. We intend to challenge your service expectations by providing you with a variety of tailored solutions.


Managed IT Services

With Managed IT Services, organizations stay up-to-date with the latest business technologies without adding extra expenses.

Hardware & Software Solutions

It doesn’t matter what hardware or software you’re using; we’ll provide support.

Printer Repair Services

Even though a great deal of our world is digital, printers still have their place in the modern office. Let Tower help!

Cloud Services

Losing a data center for even a few days can destroy small businesses that don’t maintain backup plans. Cloud services help curtail that.

Disaster & Data Recovery

Disaster & Data Recovery is key in a digital world. It’s one thing to create a comprehensive plan. It’s another to know that it works.

Network Security Services

We identify risks, protect your environment, detect and respond to suspicious activity and help you recover, if needed.

IT Consulting & Project Management

With a comprehensive IT Consultation, Tower will help you optimize your system management capabilities with industry-leading tools

Manufacturer Warranty Services

Dealing with manufacturer warranties can be a hassle. Let us manage those rare situations where you need to use your equipment warranties.

Data & Voice Cabling

In the era of WiFi, there is still a need for wired data and phone services. Tower’s experts will create an efficient and reliable network for your business.


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